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About Us

About Us

Hercules Automobiles Int’l (P) 'Ltd (o'r HAIPL) is a su'bsidiary of the Hercules Group of Companies, a group that has an enviable reputation hard-earned over a period of 30 years both in the GCC as well as the southern part of India. We at HAIPL aim to make use of this reputation with pride, nurturing the same with care.

Haipl has Maruti Suzuki dealerships in Kerala, in the districts of Trivandrum and Alleppey. A partial subsidiary of the Japanese Suzuki Motor Corporation, Maruti Suzuki,is India’s largest passenger car company, accounting for over 45% of the domestic car market.

HAIPL has state of art showrooms, service facilities and driving schools in over 20 locations, from Trivandrum to Ernakulam.

Our philosophy is founded on our commitment towards customers, who are always at our forefront. We are driven towards finding new ways to delight them continuously. We are committed to complying with the stipulated standards of the Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. in all areas of our operations.

HAIPL aims to become the most genuine, reputed, and trusted Car Dealership in India.

Our Vision

To become India’s leading automobile dealer. By working as a team, inspired to create the most value for everyone associated with us- our customers, employees, investors, principal company, vendors, government and the larger society we live in.

Our Values

Our team working spirit: Working as a team is fundamental to the growth of any organization today. On his or her own, an individual cannot accomplish what a motivated team can. Therefore, we constantly strive to enhance our ability to work together as a team, and enjoy how we complement one another to create the best outcome for all.

Our respect for one another: Ours is a culture based on respecting our fellows. So we practice it both internally (respect amongst colleagues, between superiors and subordinates etc) and externally (respect for our customers, our co-dealers etc). We believe that success cannot be created AND sustained unless we imbibe humility in it.

Our focus on learning: Hercules is a learning oriented group of companies. We actively seek new territories to educate ourselves so that we are able to serve our customers in ways that are borne of our unique combination of experiences. We practice open-mindedness where ideas are concerned. On any given day, anyone, regardless of his or her hierarchical position in the company, or professional experience can be inspired by a new and improved way of serving the world. We ensure that we are unequivocally open to these creative flashes.

Our high expectations/standards: Herculeans are big dreamers. We dream big. We don’t let our dreams be stomped by practical challenges. We take risks. We deal with the challenges as they come in the best way we can. We believe that help always arrives for those who seek in the earnest. By seeking in the earnest, we mean consistently doing our very best.

We value our customersCreating genuine value for our customers is our central motivation. Although this easily seems critical to any business, we are driven to create value for you as it makes our lives meaningful. By giving back in the best way we can, we enrich our lives in infinite ways.